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SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft SharePoint has many features allowing for the creation of a highly productive and efficient intranet for your business.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has many features allowing for the creation of a highly productive and efficient intranet for your business.

If your business is looking to improve productivity, increase collaboration and communication, and provide a central repository for information, Microsoft SharePoint is the application for you. Its tight integration with Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams in the Microsoft 365 stack and Office on the desktop, SharePoint is the “go-to” tool for improving business efficiency. 

The Features of Microsoft SharePoint

+   Document Management

+   Content Management

+   Business Process

+   Workflow

+   Search

Functionality Netify can add with SharePoint

+   Timesheets

+   Expenses

+   Leave Requests

+   Contract Management

+   Travel Requests

+   Asset Management

Netify has the skills to design and develop a SharePoint solution to meet your requirements and can work with you in the following areas:






We like to meet with our customers to get an understanding of how the processes and data are currently managed in the workplace. We look at team and project sites, newsfeeds, shared files, blogs and document management and provide a high-level overview to the stakeholder. Once we have a clear picture of the processes and data requirements, we will produce a detailed design document that identifies that way forward.


At this stage, it is important to ensure that governance is established and rules are put in place as to how SharePoint will be used and changed going forward. Another key step is to gain user acceptance on the changes and detail how training will occur and what a user needs to do if they require help.





Working from the detailed design document we then configure and develop the new SharePoint solution and start bringing together all the processes and data points that have already been identified. SharePoint comes with a myriad of great features, frameworks and templates but we do also custom develop solutions that improve the value to the customer and speed up workflow. We have over 15 years’ experience working with SharePoint, both on-premise and with SharePoint online.





At this stage, we like to ensure that effective training is delivered to the end users and support is available at any stage in accordance with the governance. Design changes and maintenance are also handled at this stage. We are always available to help users on the phone or we can also have a consultant onsite as the client requires for a more personalised approach to queries.

Netify has highly skilled consultants that will get to know your business and its processes then design and develop a SharePoint solution specific to your requirements. Once the solution is delivered the Netify team can assist with the day-to-day running, providing guidance and ongoing support for your SharePoint environment.

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