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Why are people moving to Office 365? 

Businesses are finding that cloud solutions are far less hassle and liability, such as mail server hosting, that has conventionally been solved with an on-premises deployment (e.g. Exchange Online versus Exchange Server, in the context of mail servers). This means you have less components in your IT system to cause you stress, you’ll experience fewer outages and you’ll likely save money.  

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What is SharePoint?  
SharePoint is available on-premise and in a SharePoint Online web-based application that integrates with Microsoft Office. Most businesses use SharePoint to manage and store documents (just like your existing file server), but the product is remarkably customizable and can help with compliance, governance and collaboration amongst the teams in your business and much more! Our specialists can help tailor SharePoint sites to fit the workflow of your business, improving productivity and quality-of-life. 
Would Microsoft Teams suit my business? 
If your workplace relies on collaboration between groups of people to get work done, then Teams can be an excellent solution to add productivity. It is intuitively simple, allows one-on-one messaging, group messaging, audio and video conferencing, has a light-hearted feel and interfaces seamlessly into Outlook and SharePoint (as the backbone for shared file storage between teams). It comes bundled with Office 365 and is a powerful, enjoyable to use tool for simplifying and improving the workplace. 
Is Skype for Business just like the Skype that I use at home? 
Skype for Business offers integration into Microsoft services, administrative tools, larger conferences, far higher quality video calling as well as Skype Room Systems which allows ‘one-touch joining’ in meeting rooms equipped with just a camera and monitor pair. If you are at all familiar with Skype, then there is very little to learn here.  
Will Office 365 affect the way my business uses Office desktop applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)? 
Office 365 come with a variety of plans for Business (aimed at Small & Medium Enterprises) and Enterprise (large companies) customers. From these, you can choose all the products that you require in your business environment in a downloadable desktop version and an online version, except for Office 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Enterprise E1 which are online only plans. These two plans are the lowest-cost options in their respective categories.
To learn more about what Business and Enterprise plans can do for you, please follow either link to Microsoft's website below:

Business (SME) Plans

Enterprise Plans

What is the advantage of Exchange Online (i.e. Office 365) over an on-premises Exchange Server implementation (or other mail server hosted on-premises)? 
Using Exchange Online means that you do not need to manage a physical mail server. You pay on a per user basis rather than a per server license and MS Exchange license, and you can reasonably expect fewer outages. Furthermore, Exchange Online outsources matters of compliance to standards such as the HIPAA and FISMA (US legislative frameworks that protect sensitive concerns, of medical and governmental respectively) among many others; to Microsoft, therefore relieving complex work and effort from businesses whose concerns include these. 
Why would I choose to Office 365 rather than Gmail or Yahoo account?
The benefit of using Exchange Online (similar in terms of features to Exchange Server) is that you get more control over how your business’ email is managed. Firstly, you will see a wider range of security features including the ability to manage incoming and outgoing mail flow rules, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies and document fingerprinting. Office 365 users can also delegate permissions and access to other users, share mailboxes, contact folders and calendars and add attachments to calendar items polls among so many other features. Also, because you have full control over incoming and outgoing mail, you can analyze this content—and Exchange Online gives you the tools to do this.  




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