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The New Standard in IT Sytems

We are passionate about creating systems and processes with usability in mind!

Our Services


Let Your IT Systems Take Your Business to the Next Level

We are passionate about creating IT systems and processes with usability in mind!

Based in New Zealand, we work with businesses to provide IT solutions and believe in the potential of IT efficiency and capability. At Netify we provide a range of consulting services to support your organisation's requirements.

SharePoint Consulting

Netify has highly skilled consultants that will design and develop a SharePoint solution to meet your business requirements.

Microsoft 365

In addition to SharePoint, our team provides consulting services for implementation, user adoption and ongoing support for Microsoft 365.

HR Software

Let our experienced consultants work alongside your team to get the most out of your investment in Cornerstone OnDemand or Apprendo.

Technical Writing

From administrators to end users, we can help you produce the materials needed to support your systems or processes.

Business Intelligence

Using tools like PowerBI we can setup data visualisations so your people can make the best data-driven decisions.

Business Analysis

Whatever your project, before you can optimise, develop or deliver we can help you understand you organisation's needs.


I recommend Netify wholeheartedly!

"Andrea and her team have been a godsend to our small HR team in helping us implement many different Cornerstone modules. Her training skills and style have been instrumental to our understanding of Cornerstone and to the speed in which I have personally have been able to pick things up. She truly has a gift in explaining things and never makes things confusing and is extremely patient." ....
"Andrea is mindful of our company and knows things to recommend or things not to, to prevent confusion, as HR systems can be if you haven't worked extensively with them in the past."

 HR Consultant, Financial company (Auckland)

​ Microsoft 365, Office 365, SharePoint, Cornerstone


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Full Package Service

Extensive Support

Skilled Consultants

100% Client Focused

We provide a first class service


Netify are here to help businesses grow and move forward. It's that simple!

We take pride in our professional approach and strive to provide smart, sensible solutions - which means our services add value. We believe that if we help your business meet your IT needs, you will have success with technology, and we will get to grow alongside you.

Whether in your office, in the cloud or somewhere in between, Netify will help you get the most out of your IT investment.

​ Microsoft 365, Office 365, SharePoint, Cornerstone
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